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Kanye West’s Own Lawyers Protect the Individual the Coroner Says Was Negligent in His Mother’s Death

And that is perhaps what is most bothersome to me about this whole episode:not only were people jumping to “delusions” without the benefit of the facts, but more importantly, that the people leading the procession, were professionals, lawyers no less. … Continue reading

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The 911 Call, People Magazine, and Donda West’s Nephew

She did however get what she came for, and here it was: her editor, Galina Espinoza, who was not at the meeting, ended up on  Dr. Phil (presenting herself as if she had been in a conversation with me) and … Continue reading

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People Magazine added to the Mis-Information Concerning Donda West’s Death

 Tom Byrne, my attorney and friend, passed away two weeks ago. This book is as much a conversation on his journey the last few years as it is mine, since he was with me the entire way. I will miss … Continue reading

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